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Avionté Release Notes - February 2020

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[NEWAdd W2 For Talent Users

  • This tool allows talent to Opt-In to receive their W2 from the Talent Portal. After Opting-In via Adobe Sign, this will be marked on their profile and they will then be able to access this information from the "Pay History" tab in their profile. If the user clicks on the W2 link, it will then download a PDF version of this W2 for the user. *Released January 24, 2020



[ENHANCEMENT] When the branch of the Main Company is changed in AviontéBOLD, all associated branches will be updated in AviontéCLASSIC as well.

  • When the branch of a Corporate customer is updated in AviontéBOLD, the branch of the main customer, as well as the departments under that customer, are updated. If a branch is not mapped, then the system picks a default branch.






[ENHANCEMENTAdd Division to Pay/Bill Archive

  • There will now be an additional column in the Pay Archive and Bill Archive exports that will allow you to see the Division column.







[UPDATE] No updates were made for this release.






[NEW FEATURE2020 W4 Changes In Payroll > View Paychecks and Employee > Pay History


Added additional tab for pay history to show 2019 and 2020 payment check tax information. Previously it would show 2019 payment check tax information for checks that had 2020 payment check tax information. This could cause some confusion as the values shown for 2019 are different than in 2020.


  • When an employee has both a 2019 tax row and a 2020 tax row, an unchecked Active checkbox should not prevent Federal tax from processing on a paycheck.


The Federal tax for 2019 may need to be added, either though processing payroll at least once, or by selecting Create Additional Tax.
  • Table triggers have been added for the Employee Logs, so when a value is changed on the 2020 taxes (unchecking HasMultipleJobs, for instance) it should appear in the Actions > Employee Log report, along with a checkbox to select Federal Employee Tax.



Selecting that item should show any respective changes:
  • The Paycheck Tax Info summary has been updated to the following:



a) This should appear with the additional tab in Payroll > View Paychecks and in Employee > History > PayHistory.
b) The tab should only show the additional information for the Federal 2020 values.
c) Fed 2020 fields such as Dependents and QualifyingChildren should appear with a $ to indicate it as a dollar value for the exception.
d) Any employee that does not have a 2020 row for whatever reason will have no information in the second tab.


[UPDATE] Vertex

  • The January Vertex updates have been applied to February's release.



[UPDATE] Federal 2020 will calculate extra withholding

  • The procedure that calculates extra withholding has been updated with the new Federal 2020 taxes processes. This is withholding correctly.




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