CHANGE Card Rewards Overview

CHANGE the way you are rewarded

The CHANGE card is so much more than a simple payroll card. In addition to your paycheck, you can earn points on the job for the good work you do — things like clocking in on time, not missing a shift, good job performance, working accident free, referring other great workers, and more.

As you earn points, you control how and when you redeem them for perks, which include cash back or gift cards to over 75 top merchants in the U.S.


CHANGE the way you get paid

Get paid faster and more conveniently, and gain financial mobility, while earning points for the good work you do.

CHANGE is more than a card — it has built-in rewards that you control based on good work performance.


Access to a better, more rewarding financial life

Keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket where it belongs. No more paying 1-3% of your paycheck value to access your own money.


Time savings

No more time waiting in lines or cost of traveling to a retail location or bill-pay provider. No need to purchase a gift card or other prepaid card to make purchases online. With CHANGE, your money is deposited on time and accessible anytime, anywhere you need it.


A robust money management solution

The CHANGE card is more than just an efficient way to get paid. It is a modern, feature-rich money management solution designed to simplify your life. Get automatic payroll deposits, load cash, make transfers, use ATMs, pay bills online, track account balances, and more.


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