New Knowledge Base Design, Layout and Description


As you may have noticed, we made some big improvements to our Knowledge Base.  The changes went into effect on 03/01/2022 and we'll continue to work on updating the design to improve your experience.


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Keywords / Search terms
Top links/header
Following Sections and Articles
My Activities



Keywords / Search terms

Using the following terms in your searches can help narrow the results.  Using the " " (double quotes) around the words will only show articles with that word/phrase.


Best Practices

Don't include "How do I" in the search.

  • Example: Create a Job will provide more accurate search results than How do I create a job.

In the example below, the Title of the article is "Create a Job."

The Tags are also keywords that can help narrow your search results.  Since there are several variations in names, titles, and descriptions; the Tags help you search for the article using other words/phrases. 



General Tags/Keywords

Below are some of the example Tags that we can and can help you find your article quicker.

  • Using the " " (Double quotes) will cause the search to only search for that word(s).
" " (Double quotes) Parent Video Integration
Report Tax State Federal
Setup Custom Payroll Billing
  Canada 2022  




Top links / header

We've added a couple new links to the header of our Knowledge Base.

The link, on the left side, will be the Platform that you are currently in.

There is also a new 'Support Center' link on the right side, just so all of our Platforms are listed.







Welcome message

You'll see one of two different welcome messages.


Welcome Avionté Customer



Please  Sign In to see more articles






Support Center


You now have the ability to search the articles in our Support Center KB

Previously, you had to go into a Category in order to see the Search bar.





Predictive Search

When you start typing, you'll notice a drop down of choices.  These results are based off of the Title of the article and not information in the article.  You'll only see a maximum of 6 results from the predictive search.





Searching Categories and Sections

When you are in a Category or section, and you use the Search bar, it will search all the articles in that Platform, but will only initially display the results from that Category/Section.


Example: I went to the General Category and searched for "create a job"

Notice the 65 results (which are in the General Category, but there are 305 results in that Platform)



Dates on articles

When searching for articles, the date displayed is the date that the article was last updated.




Note: The date when searching may not match the date listed as "Updated" on the article.  



Search Filters

When you do a search, you'll see new filters on the left side.  This can help you narrow the results and find relevant articles.


The All Types filter is a placeholder for future filters.

The Articles filter will allow you to further filter your results to specific Categories/Sections.




If you click on the Articles filter, it'll be expanded to show additional options.






There are now 2 columns of articles.




You'll also notice the ones with the Star icon; which are Promoted/Featured articles




Top of article

There are 2 new main areas that are listed at the top of the articles.

Follow: Following an article only notifies you of comments.  You can also follow Sections to get notified of any changes or new articles being added.  We recommend you follow Sections instead of Articles.

Tags: These are the keywords that we use to help you find the relevant articles.



Left side/pane

This is similar to our previous version but is now listed on the Left side instead of the Right side.

Articles in this section: This will show a list of all the articles in the Section you are viewing

Related articles: These articles are related to the article you are viewing, based on information in each article.

Recently viewed articles: This will show articles that you had just viewed.



Bottom of article

There are 2 new areas here.

Was this article helpful?  This will help us determine if our article(s) need to be updated and can improve the search results.

Top icon: This will bring you back to the top of the article and is always displayed, once you start scrolling down.




Following Sections and Articles







If you follow a Section, then you can receive notifications for new articles or new articles and comments.  

  1. Locate the Section that you'd like to Follow
  2. Click on the Follow button


  3. Click on an option:
    1. New articles: Follows all new articles that are Published
    2. New articles and comments: Follows all articles and comments, that are Published


    3. You'll now see the Follow button turn to a Following button.




If you follow an article, then you can receive notifications for new comments.  

  1. Go to the article that you'd like to follow.
  2. Click on the Follow button


  3. You'll now see the Follow button turn to an Unfollow button.



My Activities

At the top of the screen, you'll see a few different options.  


Click on My activities



This area shows all the tickets you have.


My Requests: These are the tickets that you've created

Requests I'm CC'd on: These are the tickets you are listed in the CC section of the ticket.








Currently we don't have the Community setup and aren't using the Posts and Community comments.

  • This will show the articles that you have commented on.  You can click on the links to view the article.


Click on the Article comments sub tab.






This will show all the articles and sections you are following.  You can also filter for articles or sections.





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