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Staffing Referrals helps agencies find more qualified candidates with their automated referral management (ARM) platform. With Staffing Referrals, you can move away from spreadsheets and manual processes and embrace the digital transformation.

The Staffing Referrals and AviontéBOLD integration make tracking referrals easier than ever by automatically capturing, syncing, and updating the referral applicant data. This integration is designed to allow recruiters to spend the majority of their time in Avionté without a need to learn a new system.



Integration Details

Placement Hours Export

Placement Hours Export is only available for clients who are back office integrated.

Client that need the placement hours report will be set up on a logic app by Partner Activation Team (PAT) adding them to the Logic App service (avionte-prod-StaffingReferral-PlacementHours-export-la).

  • Placement Hours file will be generated from the BO database
  • File Schedule: Twice weekly on Monday and Thursday night at 11pm CST
  • Files will be sent via email to
  • File Format: csv
  • File Name Format: AMPcode_StaffingReferrals_Accrued_Hours.CSV
  • Report Logic: When the export runs, it will identify all suppliers who have a valid "Program Start Date" property. For each supplier, the system will keep track of the latest accounting period for which data has been sent to the supplier.
    If this is the first time data is being exported for a supplier, the system will include all employees who started working for that supplier on or after the Program Start Date, and sum up their total hours worked across all accounting periods. The system will then send this data to the supplier and record the latest accounting period that has been sent.



Field Mapping

Staffing Referrals Column Name Value Passed Value Location Notes
BOLD Front Office ID External System ID BOLD FO ID  
Applicant Accrued Hours Accrued Hours Worked Total Hours Total Accrued hours for the date range. Regular hours + Overtime hours + doubletime hours
Applicant ID Applicant ID Talent > Talent ID  




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