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The ICHRA plan requires a weekly eligibility file in order to be implemented successfully. The ACA requires an offer of insurance to be made within 30 days from when an employee is considered full time.

The purpose of this file is to report the data so that ESC's system will trigger an eligibility letter that can be mailed out timely keeping them in compliance.


Data Parameters Considered

  • Supplier [Employee Supplier]
  • As of Date [Week worked]
  • Term Look Back period
  • Ignore Missing DOB Error - While ignoring errors is not recommended, this export performs an error check on missing DOB, which can be ignored using this parameter.
  • Ignore All Errors - While ignoring errors is not recommended, this export performs an error check on missing SSN, Invalid Home Phone, Invalid Work Phone, Invalid Email, Missing Address, Missing Hire Date, Missing Scheduled Pay & Term Reason when an employee is terminated.



To set up the export, config options and user permissions must be arranged through Avionté's Admin Tools functionality. 


Config Options

The Supplier and Site properties for the ESC ICHRA export are configured in Admin tools > Config Options. After configuration and the granting of user permission (next section), the user will be able to run the monthly process to export the data then view the exported data into a .CSV file. 


Supplier Properties

Set up the following Supplier Properties

Property Possible Values

Supplier Property


This is Client’s ESC Group ID or Client ID provided by ESC.

Supplier Property


  • ACAFTEmployees >> Passes all employee who have ACA Eligibility status = Yes, who are determined to be full time by the ACA companion app.

    • ACA Eligibility date: The eligibility dates are copied over from the ACA module.

  • FTEmployeesNonACA >> Passes all employees who have ACA status = Yes, because they were manually set to 'Yes'

    • ACA Eligibility date: The date when the ACA eligible field was updated to Yes.
      • Note: If an employee becomes ineligible, it is recommended that you update the ACA status to No immediately so that they are not part of the next eligibility report.

  • AllEmployees >> Passes all employees who have hours in the last 6 weeks.

    • ACA Eligibility date: The Hire Date or the Rehire date that is most recent is populated as Eligibility date.

Branch Property

Ignore From Bronze Plan Export

Update value to 'Yes' to avoid passing any branch into the export.


 Termination Date Logic

  • For FTEmployeesNonACA supplier property
    • Employees with ACA status as No or Undetermined, who have pay in look back, but the last WeekWorked is 13 weeks ago will be passed in the export with a Termination Date of the last Paycheck Date. 
  • For AllEmployees supplier property
    • Employees who have pay in look back but the last WeekWorked is 13 weeks ago will be passed in the export with a Termination Date of the last paycheck date.
  • The export results will automatically exclude all Non-W2 employees

User Permission

User access to the export

  1. Navigate to Start Page > Actions menu > Admin Tools > Category = System
  2. Double-click Report. The Admin System Server Report window displays.
  3. Click the Advance Query tab.
  4. Search the word ICHRA in the QueryName filter cell. The ESC ICHRA Export will remain in the selection area.

  5. In the Report Users area, place a checkmark in the box next to the users or groups that should have access to the ESC ICHRA Export. 
  6. Click Save to save the changes.



Weekly Process

  1. Select Weekly Process from the Main Menu.
  2. Select Weekly Process from the sub-menu.
  3. Select the Export/Import tab on the right-hand side of the page.
  4. Click on the Select Feed drop-down menu icon.
  5. Select ESC ICHRA Export.
  6. Enter a folder location into the Choose Location field.
  7. Enter values in the Enter Parameter section.
  8. Click Process File. The data will be exported into a .CSV file and sent to the chosen location.


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