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Year-End: ACA Directory

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Year-end administrative tasks involve a variety of business areas such as ACA, payroll, and taxes. The Avionté knowledge base features separate categories covering those same areas - each with their own category-related year-end articles. 

This article serves as an overview and directory to those year-end articles dispersed within their respective categories. 



Year-End ACA Articles


Category Article Summary

Avionté Training

ACA Companion Application Setup Course

An interactive training course walking through the configuration of the ACA Companion Application.


ACA Tracking & Reporting Interactive Course

An interactive training course demonstrating the proper practices to track employees' ACA Eligibility, healthcare coverage offers, enrollments, and declinations in ACA Companion Application. This course also discusses the production and logic of the 1095-C form.

Year-End: 10 Ways to Prepare for Year-End

This article contains links to a presentation from a webinar hosted by Avionté to help you prepare for the busiest time of year!

Year-End ACA Live Training

This webinar is hosted multiple times each year to walk through the process of producing, distributing, and e-filing your year-end forms.
Avionté Guides

Avionté ACA Checklists

Use these checklists to ensure ACA processing is on track for end of the year reporting.


1095-C and 1094-C - Generating with Avionté

Start your year-end process here! This overview walks you through the major steps in generating, reviewing, distributing, and e-Filing your 1095-C and 1094-C reports. This article contains many links out to corresponding documents providing detailed walkthroughs to get you through reporting!


ACA Reports

This report index will help you understand the various reports Avionte provides to help you audit, review, and produce your ACA reporting.
  1095-C Troubleshooting ACA reporting is not always easy. This is the ultimate resource for all questions that arise when reviewing your reports!
  1095-C Part II Overrides This resource shows you how to make manual changes to 1095-C, Lines 14, 15, and 16. 
  Using Vendors for ACA Reporting If you are using IBF/SOLV or Nelco to print and mail your reports, this article will assist in the exporting process.
Greenshades for ACA Greenshades Guide - 1095-C & 1094-C - Print & Mail This article provides details on how to electronically file the 1095-C and 1094-C with the IRS using Greenshades. This process differs from printing and mailing forms with Greenshades. Visit the Greenshades 1095-C & 1094-C - Print & Mail article for instructions on the Greenshades print and mail service. 
  Greenshades Guide - 1095-C & 1094-C - E-File This article provides step-by-step instructions for printing and mailing ACA forms through the Greenshades integration.
  1095-C Corrections If you need to file corrected forms with the IRS after your original submittal, this article will be the ultimate resource for the correction process. 
IRS Resources IRS 1095-C Form
  IRS 1095-C and 1094-C Instructions The IRS instructions are incredibly important to understanding the ACA reporting process. As your software provider, Avionte cannot advise on your reporting accuracy or setup. Use this guide or legal counsel for questions regarding who receives a form, how to choose corresponding codes, etc. 

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