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Do text message receivers need to agree to using Call-Em-All?

Yes. To comply with Federal Trade Commission regulations, you must have permission to message your contacts with an automated phone call or text message. Although, a handset opt-in is no longer required with Call-Em-All’s texting solution. 



Why is a user unable to opt in to the text message service?

  • The user may be misspelling the Account Keyword when replying to the initial text. The user should retry sending the Account Keyword or the user may text "Join (Account Keyword)" to 292929.

  • Users may have a short code block on their phone. Users should contact their carrier (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) to request removal of the Short Code Block from the account. The user can then resend the Account Keyword to 292929 to opt in. 

  • A recent change in phone carriers or phones may have disabled the service. Users should text "Join (Account Keyword)" to 292929.



Can users opt out of the text messaging service?

Yes. At any time, contacts may text STOP, QUIT, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or STOP ALL to the account’s text number. 



Can users opt out of the voice messaging service?

Yes. If contacts no longer wish to receive calls from Call-Em-All, they can visit and submit their name and phone number below in the fields provided. They will also have the option to press 3 at the end of the call to be opted out.



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