Server upgrade for CLASSIC

The upgrade of the CLASSIC environment continues for all customers through the end of the month.  For those customers using 2008R2, connectively will not be supported.  Starting May 19th, upgrades will continue for all other customers, concluding by the end of the month.


Server Upgrade info

In the past week, we also began the process of moving our CLASSIC platform to Windows 2019, with the successful migration of our first clients. As mentioned previously, Windows migrations can be handled in small client groups rather than as a single cutover event. This helps us to work closely with individual clients and mitigate risk.

There have been NO reported service issues so far, and we will accelerate the process over the next few weeks. Your account team will keep you informed and work with you to ensure this critical work does not impact operations. The 2019 migration provides significant security improvements and is a critical precursor step for moving all CLASSIC components to the cloud.


A small percentage of our customers may still be using unsupported vendor operating systems such as Windows Server 2008R2 to access Avionte systems.

  • Firstly, these pose a significant security risk to your business and one you need to address immediately.
  • Secondly, as a result of Avionte’s increasing security requirements, for those customers on accessing Avionte Classic from unsupported environments such as Windows 2008R2, you will not be able to access Avionte Classic. Access restrictions will be denied starting May 19th unless arrangements are made as described below to pause your CLASSIC upgrade.



Server: 2008R2 OS

If you have servers running 2008R2 OS, you will need to work with your IT provider to upgrade this server, or connect via another server using a supporting operating system.  If you are unable to use equipment with compatible operating systems, we will temporarily delay your CLASSIC upgrade for up to 30 days (June 15th) to complete the equipment upgrade.  

Standing for the security of our client community is critical to us and we have invested significantly to ensure we stay ahead of the current environment we live in. I ask for all your support and partnership in making this happen.



Pause CLASSIC upgrade

To pause your CLASSIC upgrade, we will need you to submit a Helpdesk ticket by May 18th with the following information (verifying the best options).  

Please remember to include the date when your server upgrade will be completed.  Starting May 19th, upgrades will continue for all other customers, concluding by the end of the month.  



Create a ticket

There are 2 things that are required when making a ticket for the Upgrade.

  • Subject/Title: Classic 2019 Upgrade
  • Description: Ensure to provide the date that your server will be upgraded. 
    Note: The Upgrade date must be before June 15, 2022. 
    • There is no field to enter the Upgrade Date and recommend putting in the Description.

Creating a ticket



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