AviontéCLASSIC Back Office Release Notes - January 2023

Release Date: 1/30/2023

What is the new feature?

Removal of the Office Viewer Software

Why did we do that?

Due to Microsoft no longer supporting the licensing for the office viewer software, clients will now have to download their files locally to see them.


When opening the file types of XLSX, XLS, DOC or DOCX in the application, the user will experience the following notification detailing that they will need to download their file and open it locally."Avionte does not support opening Office files within the application. Please download the file and open locally."


Note: By default, Self-hosted customers will be updated with the following APPs Setting configured to AllowExcelFiles and AllowWordFiles = False. If you want it turned back on, you can update these settings to be true.


Release Date: 1/12/2022

What is the new feature?

Invoice | Low resolution PDF image

Why did we do that?

With an enhancement to the process of uploading PDF documents there will be an improvement to the resolution of the document.


What is the new feature?

Compliance | CO PFML W2 requirement 2023

Why did we do that?

To adhere to Colorado compliance, we have enhanced the Colorado Paid Family Medical Leave [CO PFML] to reflect the description on the W2 in Box 14 with a label of FAMLI


What is the new feature?

Reporting | Exports - Memory limitations - Enhancing error messages

Why did we do that?

Expanded the following messages to be more explicit to include verbiage [bolded] to the two messages below indicating options or next steps for the user.

  • "Unable to export the grid due to the size.  Ran out of resources. 
    Restart Application and change the parameters of the report to reduce the data required."
  • "Unable to open the new file.  Ran out of resources.
    Open file using the Excel application through File Explorer"

Knowledge Base Article:

Memory Limitation Error Messages


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