24/7 Job Talent Entry for Dynamic Distribution Interest Jobs - 3/24/2023 [RN]


What's new?

We've enhanced 24/7 Work by adding a new configuration in the WorkN Marketplace tile that gives users a way to configure if they'd like talent for dynamic distribution interest jobs, to flow back into the Job > Pipeline or the Job > Nomination section.


With the new Pipeline configuration setting, a job that's created in BOLD as an interest and dynamic distribution job, gets posted to 24/7 and qualified talent get notified of the job on their app.  For talent who accept the job on 24/7, those talent would then be pipelined on the job in BOLD with a pipeline stage of "WorkN Interest Accepted".

With the new configuration set to Nomination, 24/7 Work would function as it currently does.  An dynamic distribution job gets created in BOLD and is posted to 24/7, qualified talent get notified of the job on their app, and then when the talent accepts the job on 24/7, they are nominated on the job in BOLD with a nomination stage of "WorkN Interest Accepted".

Why did we do that?

Customers are requesting that for talent who've accepted job interests on 24/7, that they have the option of having those talent either pipelined or nominated on the job.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

The benefit of this enhancement is that customers can have these talent first pipelined where they can then be further qualified before they are nominated.

Now What?

The current state of 24/7 Work is using the "BOLD Entry Point for Interests" configuration set to Nomination.

If you'd like to have your talent pipelined (instead of nominated) for dynamic distribution interest jobs, then you'll want to have your BOLD marketplace admin open the WorkN marketplace tile and update the new configuration setting.



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