AviontéCLASSIC Back Office Release Notes - March 2023

Release Date: 3/9/2023


What is the new feature? Time Entry | Sheetview adding the ability to see the PO number on the sheetview grid
Why did we do that?

With this enhancement, the user will now have the option of PO Number available in the Field Chooser.


When selected, a column will be added in the grid that will display the associated PO Number. Note: The user will have to continue to go to Card View to edit a PO Number for a transaction.


This column can be used to filter the transactions based on the PO Number


What is the new feature? Add comprehensive error handling in the ACA Companion processing employee data
Why did we do that?

With this enhancement the ACA Companion will provide a more comprehensive messages when a user encounters an issue with employee data processing.


This message, when included with the ticket submission, will provide support with a more direct focus on the issue which will result in a more efficient resolution.


Example of message that will now appear:


The message provides where in the process the error occurred:

Populating Employee Eligibility Status Declarations.

The next steps:

Contacting Your Administrator.

A more direct reason for the issue:

Divide by zero error encountered.



Release Date: 3/14/2023 


What is the new feature? Colorado - Paid Family and Medical Leave EXPORT Updates
Why did we do that?

With this enhancement, the following updates have been made to the Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave Export:

  1. Quarter field: Displays the Quarter [Note: Quarters prior to Q1 2023 will not display].
  2. FAMLIPremiumStartDate and FAMLIPremiumEndDate have a format of YYYY-MM-DD.
  3. Preparer Legal name and FEIN column are populated with a blank value.
  4. TotalWagesThisPeriod column will reflect Subject Wages.
KB Article

Colorado Paid Family Leave Export – Avionte Classic (zendesk.com)


Release Date: 3/30/2022

What is the new feature? West Virginia – Standard Occupational Code Support – Effective April 1, 2023
Benefits? With this enhancement, the state of West Virginia will be added to the support of Standard Occupational Codes as of April 1, 2023.
KB Article Standard Occupational Code (SOC) Support – Avionte Classic (zendesk.com)


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