AviontéCLASSIC Release Notes - Reports/Edoc Updates - June 2023 - Second release



Get PA EIT Details - Tax Name

We added a new AQ.

Standard AQ - Get PA EIT Details - Tax Name


Release date: 06/22/2023




Employee Adobe E-Signature Document Info

We added parameters, "Start Date (E-Signature Completed Date)" and "End Date (E-Signature Completed Date)".


Standard AQ-Employee Adobe eSignature Document Info


Release date: 06/22/2023




Get W2 Details AQ

We added the columns Phone, EmailAddress, and ElectronicW2 when the Return Type = 'EE Summary'.


Standard AQ-Get W2 Details AQ


Release date: 06/22/2023




Tax Remittance_EE

We added the Total count of employees in the Total line which was not displaying on all options.


Standard Report - Tax Remittance EE


Release date: 06/22/2023





Comprehensive Employee AQ

We added the nickname field for the employee.


Standard AQ - Comprehensive Employee AQ


Release date: 06/22/2023

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