AviontéCLASSIC Back Office Release Notes - AUGUST 2023

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Define invoice payment reason for each AR Batch Type

  • Improvement: This enhancement allows you to determine what invoice is displayed on the AR batch.
  • Why? The client requested an enhancement that will help them determine what InvoicePaymentReason displays in the AR Batch Types so that the inaccurate InvoicePaymentReasons will not be used. The client said they would like to see some type of option to lock down which InvoicePaymentReason can be displayed in a payment batch vs. an adjustment batch.
  • Availability: This enhancement is available to all clients.
  • Links to full KB articles:


Ability to re-open an accounting period that was closed in error



Invoice Type Unapplied Cash no longer requires a Transaction Type or Employee selection





Greenshades Local Mapping Updates for Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri and Pennsylvania

  • With this enhancement, several Greenshades Local Mappings have been updated for the states of:

    • Ohio

    • Kentucky

    • Missouri

    • Pennsylvania


Paid Family Leave Exports Updates

  • Improvement: With this enhancement, FEIN has been added as a parameter to the Colorado, Massachusetts, and Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave Exports under Weekly Process > Export/Import to allow a user to specify a FEIN so that data from two suppliers with the same EIN can be combined on the one report
  • The following updates have been made to the Weekly Process > Export/Import:
    1. The parameter Value field has been expanded to be more legible for accurate selection.
    2. The Process File button has been reduced in size
  • Links to related KB articles:


Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) Export - Ability to pull records by a check date range

  • Why? With this enhancement, the SSNVS export has new parameters available to pull records for a specified check date range. Customers said that they would like an option to limit the number of employees pulled by the export.
  • How does this impact you?
    • The user can now configure additional parameters of:

      • Active Assignments [Yes/No]
      • Start Date [MM/DD/YYYY]
      • End Date [MM/DD/YYYY]


      • Previous functionality:
        If the parameter ACTIVE ASSIGNMENTS were set to YES, the system would pull all ACTIVE ASSIGNMENTS. If the parameter were set to NO, a date range needed to be selected.
      • With this enhancement:
        If the parameter ACTIVE ASSIGNMENTS is set to NO, the START DATE field is required. (The system notifies the user when the DATE field is not entered.) This option causes the system to pull talent records with a check in the date range specified.

        If the parameter ACTIVE ASSIGNMENTS is set to YES, and a START and END date is defined, the system only pulls ACTIVE ASSIGNMENTS that have a check in the date range specified.
        Start Date and End Date are not required. If they are not set, the export basically runs as it did before the enhancement. All active employees and all years in the system will be included in the export.
  • Link to related KB article: Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) – Avionté CLASSIC
  • Screenshot:

SSNVS Export.png



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