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Greenshades Guide - FAQ

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Does Greenshades have their own help documentation?

Yes. Help content for the Greenshades application is available at:



How can I fix a filed W-2?

A filed W-2 can be corrected manually with the IRS via Form W-2c and its accompanying transmittal form, W-3c - both available at 


The corrected W-2 information should also be corrected in the Avionté application including the W-2 Report. To correct information in the W-2 report, correct the information in the Avionté application then re-generate the Greenshades Feed and XML to Greenshades. 



How does Avionté calculate the number of employees who worked on the 12th of the month?

Avionté uses the accounting period with the week of the 12th to determine the number of employees paid. This means that they have worked in the week of the 12th.


What is the BNC? 

It stands for Business Name Control. Typically, it is the first four letters of your company name in upper case, without spaces. This information can be found on any form that has come from the IRS. 


Can I verify my business name control before e-filing?

Yes, you may call the Business & Specialty Help Line at 1-800-829-4933 for additional assistance.


Why do I have negative numbers on my 941 schedule B?

If there are negative numbers on this schedule, they are reflecting any check(s) that were voided when there was no other payroll. You will need to combine the negative values with the positive values to reflect the total liability from the check date that you paid the IRS.


Why is there an amount in Box 7 on my 941?

The amount is an adjustment for fractions of cents due to rounding relating to the employee share of social security and Medicare taxes withheld. The employee share of amounts shown in column 2 of lines 5a-td may differ slightly from amounts actually withheld from employee’s pay. This is due to the rounding of social security and Medicare taxes based on current rates.


How can I verify my file has been successfully filed to the IRS?

If you used the automatic website submission method, you will receive a confirmation email from Greenshades Software. This email contains your E-File ID, which you can use to track your submission status. If you used the manual website submission method, Greenshades is unable to track your submission. When you submit your file to the IRS site, you will receive a confirmation number from their website.


My computer doesn’t have a floppy drive, how do I save my media file?

Save the file to your computer and then either burn a CD or find a computer with a floppy drive to copy the file. Many states have gone away from this format and you should be able to upload using the internet.


How can I review my SUTA / W2 / 941, etc. totals after I’ve submitted them?

Make sure that you save a copy of the totals prior to submitting the files. You are able to build the file in Avionté and Launch Greenshades again but this will be a new file. You will want to keep a folder for the totals and a separate one for the E-files that you upload to the State and Federal Government.

Note: The E-file file name cannot be changed. The government will reject the file if the name is changed.


How do I know when the returns are due?

The 941 return, State unemployment, and State Withholding return are all due on April 30th, July 31st, September 30th, and January 31st.

Form 940 is due to the IRS January 31st. The W2s will need to be issued to your employees by January 31st. If you are filing electronically, the Federal government due dates are February 28th and March 31st.


What happens to the accruing deductions like Health Insurance or 401k from year to year?

Avionté will clear out all deductions with the new check in the New Year to start over for you automatically. This makes the process seamless. Any accrual you have set up will run the way you set it up (i.e. vacation or PTO) and those will not clear out.


How do I correct a return that was already submitted?

If you have submitted a return to an agency and find you need to make a change, then you will need to amend that return with the agency. Greenshades will not be able to file your amended returns. Many states will allow you to amend only the changes that need to be made online. You will have to wait until the return has processed through their system before you can amend that return.

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