Greenshades ACA E-Filing Submissions - Fixing an Acknowledged with Errors status

The following are Avionté's recommendations for correcting data and producing proper ACA reporting. Consult legal counsel, your broker, a tax professional or contact the IRS directly for questions regarding insurance offerings or ACA compliance.


Submission Overview

Submissions that have a status of "Acknowledged with Errors" mean that the e-file was successfully submitted to the IRS, but there was at least one error that was encountered during processing. The error was not severe enough to prevent submission or trigger a rejection.

The error(s) may have occurred in the 1094-C summary data (Company-Level Errors), the 1095-C data (Employee-Level Errors), or in both sections.  Submissions with this status may or may not require that a Corrected 1095-C and/or 1094-C be filed.



Correcting an "Acknowledged with Errors" Submission

Use the 1095C Correction Option in Greenshades Tax Filing Center to create and submit a replacement correction e-file as required by the IRS. 

Note: Correct the errors in by fixing the data in Avionté prior to feeding it into the Tax Filing Center. The ACA XML must reflect these changes.
  1. In Avionte, go to Weekly Process and select the year and Q4 ACA for the quarter. Then click on Generate XML.
  2. Then, Launch Greenshades
  3. In the Greenshades Tax Filing Center, click Create E-File Returns. The "1095-C Correction Option" window displays. 
  4. Select the radio button that says "Correct a Previous Submission."


  5. From the drop-down menu, select a previously "Acknowledged with Errors" submission that requires a replacement file. 


  6. After making the file selection, click Next.


  7. Once a selection has been made, click Next. The "Build" screen will appear.

  8. In the Build screen, check the box under the "Build?" column next to the "US-1095-C (Corrected)" file type listed under the "Electronic Return" column. Also check the box at the bottom of the screen.

  9. Click Next. The Advanced Editor will open automatically regardless if a checkmark was placed in the box at the bottom of the page. 


  10. Click Next to continue. Two pop-up windows will open, the Advanced Editor and the Corrected 1095-C Viewer.

  11. The Corrected 1095-C Error Viewer window lists any errors cited by the IRS for the previous submission you chose to correct. Review the errors and click Close to close the pop-up window. 


  12. In the Advanced Editor, the Employee Information section will open by default.

    The "Employee ID" column does not list the actual employee IDs, but instead lists them as Emp1, Emp2, etc. They are listed in this format to match the way the IRS cites the employees with the errors, allowing them to be easily matched with the employee-level errors listed in the Error Viewer.

    All of the employees listed in the Advanced Editor will also be included in the corrected 1095-C e-file. The Tax Filing Center is aware this is a corrected submission due to the fact that the 1095C Correction process and submission have been selected. Because this is a corrected e-file, all employees will be marked as corrected and there is no option/need to mark individual employees as "corrected."
    Note: If you do not want or need to edit the employee information and only want to edit your 1094C and submitter (company) data, then go to step 15.


  13. In the expanded "Employee Information" section, click the "+" symbol next to the employee ID to view the employee's information. The "+" sign will change to a "-" sign when the employee ID has been expanded.

  14. Click into the fields to make changes. When finished making the corrections, proceed to the next step.


  15. Click the arrow to expand the Company Information. 

    Note: Even if no company corrections or edits are required, it is highly recommended that you review the Company Information in the Advanced Editor. 
  16. Click into the fields to make changes. 

    Note: Only the applicable sections, per the data contained in the submission being corrected, will appear.


  17. Click Save and Close when finished editing. This will close the Advanced Editor and the Corrected 1095-C Error Viewer window if it was not previously closed.


  18. The Tax Filing Center will finish building the 1094C/1095C Corrected e-file for submission. 

  19. If there were errors, click the View Errors link for additional details. 


  20. The errors will appear in the Submitter Wizard pop-up window. All errors must be resolved before submitting the file. 


  21. If there were no errors, click Click Here to Begin Filing and continue to submit the corrected file. The last part of the E-File wizard will be the screen that was visible when submitting the original file. 


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