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The Report preparation tab enables the generation of data that can then be produced in 1095-C reports. All ACA-related reports are run out of the Avionté core application Reports section. However, the Report Preparation tab pushes 1095-C and 1094-C information into these reports to update them with Companion Application data.



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The ACA Report preparation tab is organized into columns. From left to right, the ACA Employer, Data Status, Data Generation, and Finalization columns enable the generation, processing, and reprocessing of data that can be printed in an Avionté report or exported to an outside service such as Greenshades. 


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ACA Employer

The current list of defined ACA employers.

Data Status 

The status of the employer's ACA data. Statuses can include:

  • YYYY data has not been generated
  • YYYY data pending review, last generated MM/DD/YYYY by [username]
  • YYYY data finalized on MM/DD/YYYY by [username]
  • YYYY corrections have not yet been processed
  • YYYY data processed on MM/DD/YYYY with XX corrections by [username], with errors
  • YYYY data processed on MM/DD/YYYY with XX corrections by [username], pending review

Data Generation

When the ACA data has not yet been generated for a company, the Generate data link is displayed.

After the data has been generated, the Regenerate data link is displayed and the Data Status is updated to indicate when the data was generated and by whom. Users will need to Regenerate Data here any time changes are made to Employee or Employer information in the Companion Application, and the user wishes to see this data updated on the 1094 C Report or 1095 C Report.

After the data has been finalized, the status message "YYYY corrections have not yet been processed" and the Process corrections link are displayed.

When corrections have been made, the Data Status is updated with the date of the correction, the number of corrections processed, and the name of the user who performed the correctionIf errors are discovered when processing corrections, the status will show "with errors". If no errors are discovered, the status will show "pending review". 

After corrections are processed for the first time, but prior to data finalization, the Reprocess corrections link is displayed.


Once the data has been generated, the Finalize data link is displayed. Until this link is clicked to finalize all data for that employer, the user may make changes to the data and then regenerate it.

Once the Finalize data link is clicked, a confirmation window is displayed and the user cannot make changes or regenerate the data. From the point forward, the user will need to perform a correction to make changes to the data.

Do not finalize until after you submit your electronic filing to the IRS and they have processed and accepted your filing. 

The "Finalized" message will display once the data has been finalized. The status statement text displays the user and date associated with the finalization. 



Authoritative Transmittal Windows

An authoritative transmittal is the Form 1094-C that contains all aggregated ALE member/ACA employer  information. Every employer that has its own EIN will likely designate its 1094-C as an authoritative transmittal. Only one member of an ALE may file its 1094-C as an "authoritative transmittal."


As data is generated, the ACA Companion application will prompt the user for "authoritative transmittal" information. 

If "No" is selected, it is indicating that the 1094-C being generated on behalf of this ACA Employer is not the "Authoritative Transmittal."


If "Yes" is selected, it is indicating that the 1094-C being generated on behalf of this ACA Employer is the "Authoritative Transmittal" for the ALE group. Additional fields will prompt for Minimum Essential Coverage information as well as each ALE member's employee counts. 


Employee Counts:

The ACA Companion will determine the number of Full Time and the number of Total Employees. Please note that the IRS allows for multiple methods for the employee count.

Avionte uses the First Day of Each Month option, permissible by the IRS. 


The "+ 0" fields can be used to manually adjust the Full-time employee counts for ALE member or Total employee counts for ALE member fields. The user is allowed to add to the value the system has auto-generated by inputting a value in place of the "0." The system will then perform the addition and input the sum of the auto-generated count and the manual adjustment in these columns of the 1094 C.


If the finalized data has already been submitted as the authoritative Transmittal, the ALE member information window will provide the option of submitting the corrected data as the authoritative transmittal.


Once report data has been generated, its ready to be printed in a report.


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