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Updated 10/01/2021
Post opportunities to Rigzone.com directly from Avionté. To configure Avionté so that you can post jobs to Rigzone, follow the three easy steps below.  


NOTE:  These jobs are shared via an XML feed that is scraped at 2:10 AM Central time daily.

If you are not currently using Contact your Account Manager to initiate the integration. You will also need to contact Rigzone and ask for your account to be activated for real-time postings through Avionté.


How do I instantly post positions to Rigzone?




  1. Click Account & Settings
  2. Click Avionte Marketplace


  3. Type in the Search box: RIGZONE


  4. Click the Settings button


  5. Put in your Subscriber ID (API Key)
  6. Click the Save button


You’re finished, and you may start posting!



How do I instantly post positions to Rigzone?

Once the initial steps are complete, post a position as you would normally.

  1. Go to the Job Details Page (to post your job).
  2. After Selecting "Add New Job Posting" and entering the job description, click the "Post to External Job Boards"
  3. If a Job has already been created, then go to the Job Posting Status and Options section.
  4. Click the Eyeball icon (Edit)


  5. If it's a new job, click the Plus icon


  6. Make sure External Job Boards checkbox is turned on
  7. Click the checkbox next to Rigzone


  8. Other required fields will need to be completed first before posting the job.


  9. Once those have been entered, click the Post Job button.


  10. If a Job has already been posted, click the Update Job button.



Note: The job posting will be removed from Rigzone when the Posting Duration elapses or when the Job is filled in Avionté, whichever comes first.




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