Monster Job Posting

This article outlines the setup and process for posting jobs with Monster integration. Users need to configure their Monster credentials in Account & Settings and follow specific steps to post jobs. Additionally, it provides information about checking the inventory of available job postings.

Key Takeaways

  • Setup and Posting: To post jobs on Monster, configure Monster integration settings in Account & Settings. Each user needs to enter their Monster credentials to post jobs.

  • Job Posting Process: The job posting process involves specifying job details, selecting the external job boards option, and choosing as the platform to post the job. Users must complete required fields like industry and job category.

  • Inventory Management: Users can check their available job postings and remaining quota by clicking the "Check Inventory" button. If additional job postings are needed, users should contact their Monster Account Representative.



Post a Job with Monster
    Check Inventory button



  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Avionte Marketplace


  3. In the Search box, type: MONSTER


  4. Click the Settings button, for the Monster integration.


  5. Enter your credentials
    Note: Ensure you are using a Paid Account with Real Time Posting credentials
    1. Monster Username: This is usually a string of letters
    2. Monster Password: This is your password for the account


  6. Click on the Save button




Post a Job with Monster

Each user needs to enter the credentials to use the Monster job posting.

  1. Go to the Job Details page or create a new job
    1. Click here for information on posting a job
  2. Go to to the Job Posting Status and Options widget
  3. Click on the Plus icon


    1. If the Job was previously posted, click on the Eye icon.


  4. Click the checkbox for External Job Boards.
    1. This will already be checked if the Job was previously posted.


  5. Click the checkbox for


  6. Fill out the following fields:
    1. Industry: 
    2. Job Category: 


  7. Click on the Post Job button



Check Inventory button

This option will tell how many Jobs have been posted, and how many you have remaining.

  1. Ensure you are viewing the Job and Job Posting Status and Options widget.
  2. Click on the Check Inventory button


  3. A pop up message will be displayed
    Note: If you don't have any Job postings left, please reach out to your Monster Account Rep.
    1. Notice this one show that 69 Jobs postings are available (out of 360).


  4. Click on the Close button



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