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This article provides guidance on integrating Avionté with CareerBuilder for real-time job postings. Users need to initiate the integration by contacting their Account Manager and activating their CareerBuilder account for this purpose. The setup involves configuring brand information, and once completed, users can post positions directly from Avionté.

Key Takeaways

  • Integration Activation: Contact your Account Manager to kickstart the integration with CareerBuilder for real-time job postings through Avionté.

  • User-Specific Setup: Unlike other marketplace apps, CareerBuilder integration is user-specific, requiring individual setup. Users need to log in as authorized users on CareerBuilder to access the CB connection information and post jobs to CareerBuilder.

  • Configuration and Posting: The setup process involves configuring brand information and skin preferences. Once set up, posting positions to CareerBuilder is as easy as posting jobs in Avionté, with the option to review the job post before it goes live on the paid board.


Contact your Account Manager to initiate the integration. You will also need to contact CareerBuilder and ask for your account to be activated for real-time postings through Avionté.

Post opportunities to directly from Avionté. 


How do I post positions to CareerBuilder?




Note: Posting jobs to Career Builder is dependent on each user performing this setup. While other marketplace apps function company-wide, CareerBuilder does not. Only if you log in to CareerBuilder as an authorized user will you see CB connection information, and be able to view and post jobs to CB.


  1. Click Account & Settings
  2. Click Avionte Marketplace


  3. In the Search box, type: CareerBuilder


  4. Click the Settings button, for the CareerBuilder integration


  5. Enter your CareerBuilder information
    1. Configure your brand on the CareerBuilder site where you can  specify which brands you want to include from their Brand Builder
    2. You can also add a description for each brand here.  The description is just something that the user can have to help indicate or remind themselves of which brand is for what.  Click the green plus sign to finish setting up that brand in Avionté
    3. You can configure the skins on the CareerBuilder site as well.  The skin is the look and feel of that template. 
      1. CareerBuilder Vendor ID
      2. Brand (used as your Name)
      3. Brand Description (Further description of the Brand name)
      4. Skin (Color scheme)
      5. Skin Description (Further description of the Skin name)

  6. Click the Save button  



You’re finished, and you may start posting!


How do I post positions to CareerBuilder?

Once the initial steps are complete, post a position as you would normally.

  1. Go to the Job Details Page.
    1. Click here for information on posting a job
  2. After Selecting "Add New Job Posting" and entering the job description, click the "Post to External Job Boards"
  3. If a Job has already been created, then go to the Job Posting Status and Options section.
  4. Click the Eyeball icon (Edit)


  5. If it's a new job, click the Plus icon.


  6. Once those have been entered, click the Post Job button.


  7. If a Job has already been posted, click the Update Job button.


Before the posting is made public, you will be prompted to Review Your Job Post. Once the position is posted, Avionté will notify you that the position is posted to a paid board.






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