Staffing Referrals File Automation - 06/16/2023 [RN]



A new automated file integration has been created to better enhance our integration with Staffing Referrals. The integration will produce a standard talent hours file that is generated and sent to Staffing Referrals on a weekly basis.

Why did we do that?

Avionte created a standard hours report for Clients using the Staffing Referrals service. This allows customers to activate the integration without needing custom report configuration. Further Avionte has automated this report eliminating the need for customers to manually move files each week between the systems. This report and automation allow for clients to administer a referral payout program based on hours or time of service a referral works.  

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

By automating this process your referrers can get paid quickly and accurately prompting them to referr more talent.

Now What?

Any client that is already sending the hours reports to Staffing referrals via a push report will automatically be transitioned to the new hours file integration. 

Note: No further steps required for the existing Staffing Referrals clients.

Contact your account manager if you need any further information regarding Staffing Referrals.

You can find more information on the automated file here.

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