Avionté Training Schedule: Enroll in Webinars for New User Orientation and Continuous Learning

Discover free training webinars for Avionté clients summarized below! We offer continuous learning webinars as well as monthly sessions for new users including courses on AviontéBOLD Front Office and Back Office as well as Mobile Talent Enablement. Please register for these webinars at the following link: https://www.avionte.com/training 

Monthly Courses

AviontéBOLD + Avionté 24/7 WORK
AviontéBOLD Front Office 1: Introduction to the Solution  In this 1-hour webinar, an instructor will guide you through the essentials of AviontéBOLD, teaching you how to navigate the system effectively. You'll learn about platform navigation, myDashboard, widgets, tasks, and basic front office reporting. Additionally, you'll discover how to conduct basic searches, save your search terms, and create tearsheets. This course serves as a fundamental prerequisite for future AviontéBOLD Front Office courses. Must have the AviontéBold platform.  
AviontéBOLD Front Office 2: Companies & Contacts  This 1-hour instructor-led webinar to gain expertise in entering new customers and contacts into your Avionté database. You'll learn both manual entry methods and how to utilize the Avionté Echo Chrome Plug-In. Discover effective strategies for managing customer records on a daily basis, creating opportunities, and successfully navigating the sales cycles. Must have the AviontéBold platform.  
AviontéBOLD Front Office 3: Jobs & Job Postings  In this 90-minute webinar, you'll master the art of creating and editing jobs in AviontéBOLD. Streamline the job creation process by effectively managing widgets and templates. Additionally, learn how to post positions online to your jobs page and multiple partner job sourcing sites. Must have the AviontéBold platform.  
AviontéBOLD Front Office 4: Talent Management  In this 90-minute webinar, discover efficient and effective communication methods with your talent pool. Learn the best practices for adding, managing, and engaging with talent in AviontéBOLD. Explore techniques such as mass emailing, texting, and video interviews to optimize your talent interactions. Must have the AviontéBold platform.  

24/7 Work: Jobs and Mobile Experience 


Join our one-hour instructor-led training session to gain expertise in posting jobs from BOLD and seamlessly integrating them with the mobile app for your talent. This training will cover essential topics such as Required Fields, Job Templates, Posting a Job, Talent App Experience, Assigning Talent, and Smartlinks for enhancing talent adoption.

**Please NOTE if you do not yet have the 24/7 Mobile App, you do not need to register for this session"

Must have the AviontéBold platform and utilize the 24/7 WORK mobile product. 
AviontéBOLD Front Office 5: Candidate Management  In this 1-hour instructor-led webinar, explore candidate management in detail. Learn how to effectively utilize AviontéBOLD for reviewing web applicants, conducting screening questionnaires, and utilizing web assessments. Discover best practices for utilizing the pipeline bucket, conducting pre-screening interviews, declining candidates, and submitting additional information to client hiring managers. This course also covers candidate assignment to jobs and ending candidate assignments Must have the AviontéBold platform.  



Avionté Back Office
Avionté Back Office 1: Foundation  In this 60-minute instructor-led webinar, gain a solid understanding of Avionté Back Office. Explore key topics including platform navigation, talent record preparation for payroll, and invoice setup. This webinar lays the foundation for future Avionté Back Office courses. Must be an integrated Back Office client  
Avionté Back Office 2: Time Entry  In this 60-minute instructor-led webinar, discover the time entry process. Explore topics such as entering time for employees on assignment, utilizing Sheet View and Card View, and resolving common errors. Must be an integrated Back Office client 
Avionté Back Office 3: Payroll & Weekly Process  In this 60-minute instructor-led webinar, explore employee payment for hours worked. Topics covered include the payroll process, resolving common errors, utilizing ACH for direct deposit, and weekly Accounting Period closure. Must be an integrated Back Office client 
Avionté Back Office 4: Billing  In this 60-minute instructor-led webinar, discover how to bill clients for employee work hours. Explore topics such as the invoice process and managing accounts receivable within the Avionté platform. Must be an integrated Back Office client 
Avionté Back Office 5: Worker's Compensation, Unemployment, & Avionté Back Office Reports  In this 60-minute instructor-led webinar, delve into Worker's Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, and essential Back Office report concepts. Discover techniques for querying and categorizing data to facilitate deeper analysis. Must be an integrated Back Office client 


If you are an AviontéCLASSIC client who is interested in reviewing new user training, or looking for training options for a new employee, view the AviontéCLASSIC New User Training Webinar Recordings



Flexible Training at Avionté University on Your Own Schedule 

Avionté University offers self-paced training for those with scheduling conflicts or different learning preferences. It includes narrated walkthroughs, interactive testing, and personalized feedback. The training is suitable for both new and experienced users, providing an introduction or refreshing their knowledge. Additionally, microlearning lessons are available for quick training on specific topics in 10 minutes or less.

More information on Avionté University and microlearning courses is available here: Avionté University: Setting Up and Managing Access



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