Access and setup Secure FTP

We have changed the current FTP configuration to remove unsecured FTP and force secure FTP. 



Key Takeaways

  • Downloading the FileZilla software to use the FTP service
  • Setup and connect to FTP
  • Uploading and downloading files



Accessing your FTPS Site

In order to more securely transfer and support your document file transfer, Avionté uses an FTPS. You may connect using File Explore or any software package that supports FTPS.  If you do not currently have an FTP, we suggest Filezilla.

You will need to connect to your specific customer folder by using the following settings. 

Note: If you don't have your credentials, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Host: SFTP://

Username: 3 character Customer/Company code

Password: Your password

Port: No port



Connect to FTP using FileZilla

  1. Download the free FTPS solution.
  2. Open Filezilla.
  3. Enter information into the following fields:
    1. Host: SFTP://
    2. Username: 3 character Customer/Company code
    3. Password: Your password
    4. Port: No port

    5. Click on the Quickconnect button. 

    6. If you see the following message, click on the OK button

      Note: The first time you visit the FTP site, there will be a message about an Unknown Certificate.
    7. Click on the OK button



File navigation and uploading/downloading

The files that appear on the left will be your computer. Much like the file explorer on your computer, you can navigate around this left panel to wherever you have your data housed. Once you see your data file(s) on the left, you can simply drag and drop the data to the right panel which will be connected to the Avionté FTPS site. When the files have successfully made it to your Avionté FTP, you will see a ‘successful transfer’ message appear on the bottom panel.


Files on your computer


Files on the Server



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