Resetting E-verify Password via E-verify Website

Password: A Program Administrator must logon to the E-Verify web site and change your new Web Services User ID password.

Note: The E-Verify security model does not allow a Web Service User ID to logon to the E-Verify website, and vice versa. This User ID is meant to be used with your software.


How to Set/Change Your Web Services Password

To change your Web Services account password start by having your Program Administrator log on to the E-Verify website.

1. In the menu bar click ‘View Existing Users’ under ‘Web Services. Search using the WS-User ID or generic search for “All” User Status, click Search.


2. Select the Web Services account. Click on the User ID to access account details and be presented with the password reset fields.

3. Under ‘Reset User Password’ enter the desired password in the boxes and click ‘Submit.’


Note: You will need to include these updated credentials in your integration.


E-Verify Password Requirements

  1. Password must be 8 – 14 characters long
  2. Password must include all four character sets
    1. Upper case
    2. Lower case
    3. Number
    4. Special character:  ! @ $ % * ( ) < > ? : ; { } + -
  3. Contain no more than two identical and consecutive characters in any position from the previous password
  4. The first and last characters may not be numbers
Note: It is best practice to change you Web Services password every 60 days.

Refer to the E-Verify User Manual for more information.


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