Data Verification



The purpose of data verification is to help you confirm that we have collectively moved data in the proper field from your current software into Avionté. It goes without saying that without accurate data, users will not be able to correctly test the system in its entirety, and will therefore be unable to conduct a successful Parallel test.


Utilize the excel document attached to guide your data verification process because it'll outline all the fields in front and back office that data can be stored within Avionté. We find it easiest to verify data with two computer screens; one will have Avionté pulled up and the other will have your other database. Next, you can click through Employees, Companies, Orders, Assignments, etc. 


Once you find an issue, please submit a ticket with screenshots from Avionté & your current software, along with a short outline of the issue. Please give us screenshots of the entire screen, which allows our data teams to find the data tables in the back end. 


Finally, anyone can complete data verification at any time; i.e. your users don't need to have completed training in order to validate the conversion.

Please reach out to your Avionté Project Manager if you have any further questions. 



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