Troubleshooting: HTTP 503 Error


HTTP 503 is an HTTP status code that can be sent from a web server to a web browser. It is an error code that means "service unavailable" and is used by both Apache and Microsoft IIS web servers. The error is a web-standard notification generated when a website cannot be found or the site is pointing in the wrong direction.

Avionté users sometimes experience the error when a self-hosted client system attempts to access Avionté portals. Though the error is generated when attempting to reach a portal or a website, the error is most frequently generated as a result of the originating environment’s web service setup.


Because Avionté is unable to access or manage external environments, the error must be resolved by the self-hosted environment administrator. 




  • Verify the App Pool has been started. If the App Pool does not start, check the App Pool’s service account and ensure it is an administrator on the web server.

  • Ensure the web server can be accessed by the web service account. It is possible the password for the service account is expired or incorrectly entered.
    • It is recommended that a password in an Active Directory be allowed to periodically expire, prompting the creation of a new password.
    • It is recommended that the web service password is set to a secure 16+ digit phrase.

  • Ensure the physical path is pointing to the proper portal directory. Verify the path by navigating to the Avionté portal site and opening Advanced Settings. Ensure the Windows IIS service is turned on.



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