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This article provides a concise guide on generating a printer-friendly report using EMCO Ping Monitor. Users can quickly create a report for the last 7 days, add monitored websites, save the report to storage, and upload it for analysis by Avionté Support.

Key Takeaways

  • Generate Detailed Reports: Use EMCO Ping Monitor to create detailed reports for a specified period, such as the last 7 days.

  • Efficient Report Creation: Follow the step-by-step process to add monitored websites and save the report to storage for later analysis.

  • Uninstallation: If the report is successfully generated, you can uninstall EMCO Ping Monitor from your computer to free up resources.


  1. Open the EMCO Ping Monitor main screen and click Generate Report at the top of the window.


  2. Select Detailed Report > Next


  3. On the Report Properties page in the Period dropdown, select ‘Last 7 Days’ > Next


  4. The Report Members page is where we will add all the websites that were monitored. Click Add > Select all sites > OK > Next


  5. Click Next on the Filter page, we don’t need to do anything here


  6. On the Report Outputs page, check the box ‘Save Report to Storage’ then Finish.


  7. You can typically find the report under C:\Users\Public\Documents\EMCO\Ping Monitor. Upload the report to the ticket and Avionte Support will analyze the results.
  8. If the report successfully generated results, the EMCO Ping Monitor can be closed and uninstalled from the computer.


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