AviontéCLASSIC Back Office Release Notes - FEBRUARY 2024

🚀 What's New

Release Date: 02/15/2024

1. Order | Copying the Candidates When an Order Is Copied

Improvement: Avionte Classic users are now able to select candidates to copy when an order is copied. 

Why? Prior to the improvement when copying an order, candidates would not be included in the copy.  With the addition of including the candidates when copying the order, this will save the user time.

How does this impact you?

When copying a job order, the user will be presented with an additional step allowing them to select candidates to be copied to the new order. 

Order > Select Actions > Copy Order > Select the 2nd tab labeled Candidate > Make Selections > Click Finish

KB Article: Copy Order

2. Time Entry | Sheetview - Ability to SORT the transactions by Employee First Name

Improvement: Avionte Classic users now have the ability to sort transactions on the Time Entry | Sheetview by employee first name, so that they can find employees more efficiently. 


Why? Prior to adding this additional sort option a user was only able to sort by the employee's last name.  Adding this option to the sort provides the user more options for sorting and for finding employees more efficiently.


How does this impact you?

A new field chooser option of First Name will be available to be selected to sort transactions on the Time Entry > Sheetview > Employee column.


3. Time Entry | Home | Display Large Numerical Amounts with Commas in Accounting Period Summary

Improvement: Avionte Classic has been improved to include standard commas in currency and count fields in various areas of the application. 


Why? Updating numbers to include commas makes the numbers more legible and easier to read.  


How does this impact you?

Large numbers within the application will be easier for the customer to read. 


4. Customer | Invoice | Add column option of Email Status

Improvement: Avionte Classic has improved the UI experience for Invoice Email Status to now display Email Status of the invoice in the application under Customer > Invoice.

Why? When Email Status was added as an option to the Invoice Search Screen, this option was not added to the Customer > Invoices screen.


How does this impact you?

A new Field Chooser option of Email Status will be available to be selected [not selected by default] When Email Status is selected, the column of Email Status will be added to the grid.


5. Admin Tool | Form - Ability to access Email for Integrated Customers


Integrated Customers are now able to access email in Avionte Classic Front Office and can use the functions. When configured to be visible in Admin Tools > Form, the Front Office feature of Email is available with the Actions of:

  • New Favorite Group
  • New Mass Mail
  • Create Profile
  • Create Template
  • Refresh


Why? Prior to this change, Integrated Customers were not able to access email in the Front Office and were not able to utilize the new email template functionality.


How does this impact you?

Integrated Customers are now able to utilize the email functionality by going to Main Menu > Front Office > Email.



🚀 What's New

Release Date: 02/01/2024

1. Order Detail | Address Displays Additional Information

Improvement:  Avionte Classic's Order Details screen will now display the Order address in a secondary window to be consistent with the Customer and  Employee Address displays.

Why? Prior to this improvement the address would display in a single line window across the screen. With the requirement of additional fields to be displayed, having the address window will be a more consistent user experience.

How does this impact you?

The User will not have to select the See All button to view the Order address(es) under Order > Detail, which will now reflect the PSD code associated with the worksite.


2. PSD Code Logic | TS Reports | Removing aq_worksitepsdcode.sql

Improvement:  Avionte Classic will be removing the action of UPDATE PSD in 2024. 

Why?  The logic for assigning Worksite PSD has been updated to allow the user to assign the accurate PSD code by selecting the appropriate GEOcode and School District to assign the appropriate PSD code under Customer Address, therefore the AQ_WorksitePSDCode.sql UPDATE PSD is being removed to eliminate confusion in the system as to the assignment of the Non-Resident PSD Code. 

How does this impact you?

The User can use Customer > Details > See All screen to view and select the appropriate Worksite PSD Code.

3. Compliance | Georgia Withholding | Filing status Updates [effective 1/1/2024]

Improvement:  Avionte Classic has updated the Georgia Withholding filing statuses under Employee > Payroll > Tax > Tax Set Up to accommodate the new Georgia Filing Statuses effective 1/1/2024.

Why?  Georgia Department of Revenue has consolidated two of the previously existing filings statuses in 2024 which was included in the January 18th, 2024 Vertex release.

How does this impact you?

Employee > Payroll > Tax > Tax Setup > Georgia WH will now reflect the following:
Filing status with options of:
  • Single
  • Married Filing Separately or Married Filing Jointly both spouses working [NEW combined filing status]
  • Married Filing Jointly one spouse working
  • Head of Household
Note: All existing employees with filing status of Married Filing Separately or Married Filing Jointly both spouses working have been updated to Married Filing Separately or Married Filing Jointly Both Spouses Working (Filing Status - 64).

4. Paid Leave | Cook County Illinois [Effective 12/31/2023]

Improvement: Avionte Classic has now added a new Cook County Paid Leave, effective 12/31/23

Why? Cook County, IL passed a paid leave ordinance starting December 31, 2023 where an employee accrues 1 hour for every 40 hours worked.

How does this impact you?

The new accrual plan, Cook County Paid Leave, is now available. This can be configured for an Employer under Admin Tool > Employer > Accrual Plan.

The new accrual plan, Cook County Paid Leave, is now available to be configured for an employee under Employee > Payroll > Accrual.


The paid leave configuration for Cook County Paid Leave is as follows:

  • New or Existing = New
  • Accrual Plan = Cook County Paid Leave
  • City/County = Cook County
  • State = IL
  • Effective Date = 12/31/2023
  • Hours to accrue 1 hour = 40
  • Gap Days = 365
  • Days Before Use = 90
  • Max Hours can use = 40
  • Pay Period Limit = 0 [0=Unlimited]
  • Yearly limit = 40
  • Allowed Carry Over Hours = 40
  • DateBasedOn = Anniversary Date
  • Max Accrual Balance = 0
  • InitialBalance = 0
  • UnlimitedCarryover = 0 [1=unlimited, 0=Not unlimited will look at AllowedCarryover value]
  • Automatically Insert = No
  • Work in conjunction with other Plans? = Yes


 If a user tries to configure a new active plan when one is already active, they will get the notification  "There is a related state plan active for this employee that cannot be active at the same time. Please set the other plan to inactive to add this plan."

KB article: Sick Leave (Accrual) Overview


5. Address | Allow for Configuration of Malaysia Address

Improvement:  Avionte Classic now allows for the configuration of a Malaysia address on an employee record for non-tax purposes.

Why? Clients have employees that live in other countries but work in Canada or the United States, this allows us to store their address without having any tax implications.

How does this impact you?

Malaysia is now an option under the Country drop-down.  When Malaysia is selected the State drop-down will display the 'States' within Malaysia that can be selected. 

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