Reset Passwords on Avionté applications

Avionté applications require passwords at various entry points - BOLD, Classic, Aero, portals, Online University, etc. - and, though there are different entry points, the structure of passwords is consistent across Avionté applications. 




Passwords in Avionté applications should contain:

  • At least 12 characters
  • One special character
  • One capital letter
  • One number
  • Is not a password the user has used previously for Avionte

If a password was created before the above structure requirements were put in place, a user may be prompted to update the password at the next login.

  • Passwords with 16 or more characters may be any combination.



Account Locked 

Five failed password attempts will disable entry attempts for 15 minutes. The user may wait for 15 minutes then try up to five times again or a Super User can reset the account. 



When logging into the core application, a password will expire every 90 days, after it has changed. At expiration, when logging into, the message "Password has expired. Click here to change it." generates. After clicking the link, the application will prompt the user for a new password. 



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